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Custom Vinyl Stickers Portland OR

Everything To Know About Custom Vinyl Stickers And Decals

What Material Should You Use For Your Stickers?

It’s important to be mindful of the material you use when creating adhesive stickers, as it will affect the final product. Paper stickers are often used by retailers to label products and seal packages. They have become a widespread favorite because of their low price point. But with a lower cost also comes lower quality and versatility. Paper stickers are vulnerable to moisture, fading in the sunlight, scratches and often leave a sticky residue behind when peeled off.

The clear choice for anyone looking for something more than a simple sticker label is vinyl! There are so many benefits to using vinyl to create a custom decal or sticker. Vinyl stickers don’t fade; you can easily clean them; they are outdoor safe, long-lasting, durable, and offer extreme customization for outstanding graphics.

Tips For Creating A Quality Sticker Design

The best part about creating a custom sticker or decal is the freedom you have. You can customize everything from the shape and color scheme to the font style and graphics. Whether you’re promoting a business or just want some awesome stickers for yourself, there are a few helpful tips you can follow to help with the design process.

While circles and squares are by far the most common shape for stickers, they can be a little boring to look at. Instead, consider using non-organic shapes to really draw people’s attention to your custom sticker.

The amount of detail you include in your sticker can really add or take away to the final design, literally. Depending on the application for your sticker, too much complex detailing can hinder the effectiveness of the design. For example, if you are creating custom vinyl decals or stickers for your business, you don’t want anything to take the spotlight away from your business name or important slogan. On the other hand, if you are trying to promote your brand, having a sticker with more contrasting details can create an eye-catching design.

Utilizing unique fonts and colors for the text on your sticker is a great way to add your own personal flair. But it is important to make sure the text isn’t too large or ornate to ensure everything is still legible.

Sticker Printing Process

Vinyl Decals Portland ORAs DIY trends have continued to be on the up and up in just about every category imaginable, some people have taken to making their own vinyl stickers. While this is a possibility, there are a lot of components that go into it. You would need a computer, a specialized printer, rolls of vinyl paper, special knives, laminate, a squeegee, and so on. Making vinyl stickers not only requires a lot of skill and practice, but also making large quantities at home can be a very time-consuming process. Having your stickers or decals made at a print shop, on the other hand, takes this work off of your hands and allows you to create uniquely customized designs in large quantities.

The first step to making your sticker is the design. You can either create your design yourself or work with a professional. Both hand-drawing and photoshop work as long as you can upload a high-resolution image to the computer. Once the image is ready to go, the next step is the layout. Adhesive vinyl is not as cheap as paper, so it is essential to arrange the pictures on the vinyl sheets with the least amount of blank space possible. After the initial test print comes out and any necessary adjustments are made, the rest of the stickers can be printed. A vinyl laminate overlay can be applied for bumper stickers and other outdoor vinyl applications for extra durability. Once all the vinyl sheets with stickers have been printed, they will be individually cut and trimmed. A special vinyl cutter ensures clean edges, and the excess vinyl can be thrown away.

How To Apply Decals

Once your stickers or decals are printed and cut, you can start applying them wherever you like! However, applying a decal is not the same as a sticker. Before using the decal, you should always start with a clean, smooth surface. Cleaning the area with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol will ensure that no dust or debris gets trapped under the decal; this is especially true for bumper stickers.

First, apply the decal to a flat surface, and a piece of masking tape to each corner on the top of your decal and adjust it until your graphic is level and centered. Then, you will apply a piece of tape down the middle to act as a hinge. Starting with the left side, separate the pre-mask and the vinyl decal from the release liner and cut it off, cautious not to cut the decal. Then, using something like a squeegee like a credit card, scrape over the decal to ensure it properly adheres without any air bubbles. Repeat this process on the other side and ta-da! Your decal is applied!

Unique Ways To Use Vinyl Stickers

Adhesive vinyl stickers and decals are a great way to personalize, promote, and decorate just about anything! You can create custom designs for glasses and other drinkware for themed parties and gifts. Help out a teacher friend by getting them decorative decals to help organize their drawers and storage. And printable vinyl stickers are a fantastic and easy way to decorate for the holidays! Business owners can benefit from adhesive vinyl decals for their windows or vehicles to help promote their company. Whatever you have in mind, you can make a sticker for it!

Let AJ’s Signs and Apparel Help You Out!

At AJ’s Signs and Apparel, we have years of experience in the decal and vinyl sticker business. We have tons of stickers available, from Hello Kitty and Deadpool to Star Wars and Zombies. If you want to design your own graphic, we are always happy to help! All of our products are made with a high-quality vinyl material that provides excellent color and durability. When you’re looking for customer stickers and decals in the Portland area, don’t hesitate to call AJ’s Signs and Apparel!

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Everything To Know About Custom Vinyl Stickers And Decals

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